The Building Contract Review Program (BCRP)

The Building Contract Review Program (BCRP) aims to assist new entrants to the building industry, as well as existing small to medium builders without demonstrated experience for proposed projects, to have an opportunity of obtaining experience.

The program is intended to review the competence of the builder to price and manage a project rather than ensuring compliance with building standards.

The BCRP is intended to be a transition phase and builders can apply in future to have the condition removed. It is expected that a new builder will participate at least three times in the BCRP before being permitted to contract for similar projects without the program.

The reports issued by the BCRP service providers will be used during all Eligibility reviews. The participating builder will be provided with a copy of all BCRP final reports.

Builders can also access the HBCF Builder Portal via to complete the Request a Quotation for BCRP.

The BCRP will be used in the following instances (where all other relevant financial and non-financial considerations are satisfactory):

  • Where the builder has never contracted and successfully completed a new single dwelling or alteration project for a homeowner;
  • Where the builder is proposing to contract a larger or more complex project than the builder’s experience supports;
  • Where the builder has never before contracted with a developer and successfully completed a multi-unit project (as the multi-unit contractor or key manager within a building business).
  • The BCRP is also appropriate where the Gross Margins of the builder are an issue of concern. The program can assist a builder to correctly price contracts and test actual cost against budget.
  • Our Schedule of Fees is: Hourly Rate = $145.00 (EX GST), Builder Performance Review = $440.00 (EX GST) and $133.00 (EX GST) for travel to distances over 1 hour from our office.
Builders can choose a BCRP service provider that suits their needs from a panel of authorised service providers. Abode2 Project Management services the Northern, Hunter, and Western regions of NSW and covers from the Central Coast to Tweed Heads and all of northwest NSW.  Based in Ballina we are familiar with working and building in regional and remote locations so should be your first choice for projects outside of Sydney and the southern region.

To engage our BCRP services:

1. We need the Request for Quotation form completed and signed – Click here

2. We need a Project Application form completed and signed. You can get this from your Insurance Broker or Click here for the HBCF Project application form – All work excluding multiple dwelling projects

For projects involving two or more dwellings on the one site Click here for the project application form for Multiple Dwelling Projects (for projects involving two or more dwellings on one site)

We will then send through a Builders Agreement with our services defined and a price for these services.

Once you have signed the Builders Agreement and engaged us we will then require all project related documentation. This includes: building contract, plans, specifications, project schedule, budget breakdown etc.

Please email the Request For Quotation form and any enquiries to

If you require assistance or would like to discuss the BCRP please call 0412 999 623.

Click here for a link to the Principal’s website and further details in relation to the BCRP program.

Click here for for a link to our Complaint Handling Procedures.